International Association of Hydrogeologists - Groundwater and society : 60 years of IAH

25-29th September, 2016

le Corum , Montpellier, France


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Authors guidelines

The program includes the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and six plenary sessions with keynote presentations by international leading scientists in the field of groundwater. 58 technical slots of 90 minutes each will involve oral presentations in seven parallel sessions; this program will permit to host more than 315 oral presentations and 113 flash presentations. About 450 E-posters will be shown on fifteen big screens during the Congress by seven dedicated sessions. Coffee breaks will be organized during the morning and afternoon sessions.

Authors and proceedings

All communication regarding the conference will be sent to the submitting author and it will be his/her responsibility to liaise with their co-authors as required. Co-authors are welcome to register and attend the conference but will not be able to present at the conference due to scheduling constraints.
All accepted abstracts for both Oral Communications, Flash Plenary Presentation and EPosters will be included in the Proceedings of the Congress. The text will be published as received.
You will be asked to complete a short Oral presenter or eposter Agreement Form accepting the offer to present at the conference and agreeing to comply with the relevant submission deadlines. The Agreement will also request your permission to:

  • Include your presentation description in conference marketing materials;
  • Record and/or photograph your presentation for inclusion in a limited range of media and knowledge transfer activities.
  • E-poster presenters are asked to make themselves available during the allocated poster sessions to discuss their posters with conference participants and the poster competition judging panel;
  • E-poster presenters should deliver their posters before the Congress. EPosters  will then be displayed in the position allocated by the Organizing Committee.

Form Agreement  available on

E POSTERS Instructions

EPosters will be displayed on LCD screens placed in position “Landscape".
Your ePoster has to be a single slide Powerpoint file. Poster’s size should be 132cm in wide and 75cm in height (see template attached) in a landscape format. The size of your ePoster PPT file shall not exceed 10MB; Use a minimum 30pt font size to ensure that your text remains legible on the screen (60pt for title)
It’s necessary to save your poster with the extension format "pptx" or "ppt"
You must use "classics" fonts (Arial, Verdana, Times ...) with dark color on a light background
To ensure the best poster’s classification in the database, we ask you to save your ePoster by giving as name the abstract number corresponding (eg 154.pptx)
A pptx template is ​​available, thank you to use it. We also give us an example. (see
Poster’s title font size must be at least 60. The font size for the authors’ names is usually smaller but must remain higher than the size of the poster’s text. Affiliations can use the same font size as your text, at least 48.
To introduce picture, please check their resolution. You must use "classics" fonts (Arial, Verdana, Times ...) with dark color on a light background. To ensure the best poster’s classification in the database, we ask you to save your ePoster by giving as name the abstract number corresponding (eg 1005.pptx). ECHN members of are invited to insert in their poster the ECHN logo.
ePoster should be sent by email to: by September 16th, 2016.
Each author must include in his email the following information:

  • abstract’s number (# 1005 for example)
  • poster’s title,
  • full names of authors and co-authors, affiliations

The dedicated e-poster sessions will be hosted by fifteen big screens, where each author will have a dedicated time slot for explaining his/her work. Out of the slotted poster sessions, the big screens will be available on-demand for single consultations; at the same time, on website during the Congress, all participants will have the opportunity of viewing specific poster contents.
Delegates will be able to look at posters through interactive laptops during the scientific programme and during the coffee/lunch breaks. Dedicated e-poster sessions will be organized so that authors can present their work directly to congress participants. Flash presentations of selected posters will be included in some Plenary sessions. The Congress also intends to organize a dedicated electronic means of communicating between poster authors and congress participants who are interested to discuss directly with the poster author which will allow participants to organize an appointment with the poster author during the Congress (BtoB).


ORAL Communication Instructions (Slides)

All oral presentations must be uploaded onto the conference share-file as soon as possible (preview room during the Congress), and not later than the previous session. Speakers are asked to note that all presentations will undergo technical testing. No presentations will be accepted after this time.
Only PowerPoint presentations (Office 2013 and all previous versions for PC) are accepted (PowerPoint version used in the meeting rooms will be Office 2013 for best compatibility reasons).
We recommend a maximum size for your presentation file of 50MB.
The projection format will be 4:3 aspect ratio, so please kindly set your slide presentation in the same format.
Please save the presentation on a USB key. Personal laptops are not allowed.
If you have pictures, we recommend to use the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .tiff, or .bmp (format .pict is NOT allowed).
If you have video files attached to your power point presentation, please use the following formats: .mpg, .mpeg, .avi or .wmv. The format .mov (quick time) is NOT accepted; in this case we recommend to export .mov files in .avi format. When saving your final presentation to USB stick, make sure to include your video files if any and all links to these multimedia files; otherwise, using PPT 2013 let the videos embedded in your PPT presentation.
For images & objects, you must avoid:

  • Images too large (> 1 Mb)
  • Using animated .gif files.
  • WMF format images and WordArt objects.
  • Fade effects on objects, graphics and tables.
  • Using Flash.

Please use common PC fonts for your PowerPoint presentation such as Arial, Times New Roman and the Wingdings collection for special characters and other signs.
We invite you to use the template for your oral presentation available on: Members of ECHN are invited to add in their presentation the ECHN logo

Parallel Sessions Oral Presentations

The speaking author will present his/her research during 12 minutes + 3 additional minutes of questions (only in English). This oral communication will be integrated into a specific session among the 35 identified sessions ( These sessions are parallel sessions (different sessions will occur at the same time in different rooms of the Congress venue).
Authors will have a maximum of 12 minutes for their presentation, if If you do not apply within this period, time allowed for full discussion will be suppressed (12+3). Works has to be presented in English.
Plenary Flash Oral Presentations

The speaking author will present his/her research both as a e-poster (see below) and, with a maximum of 2 to 3 slides, during 1'30 in a Plenary session. It means that authors will have the audience of all the participants to the Congress to advertise about their poster and main results, and to motivate the participants to visit their e-poster.An author cannot present a Plenary Flash Oral Presentation without presenting an e-poster.

Depositing your file/Slide submission

You are kindly requested to pre-load your file at least one hour before the beginning of your scheduled session, by the Preview Room  located close to the Conference Rooms.
In the Preview Room, you will be assisted to upload the presentation on the congress server.
To save time during the congress and to help the organizers, you are kindly requested to send your presentation BEFORE the Congress opening; you can send your file by mail at  referring in the subject to your abstract ID#.
At least, we preview the possibility to give the access to the oral presentations in PDF format to all registered participants on the website during the Congress.
If you agree, please send us in advance your presentation also in PDF format, at the same address
By sending the PDF version of your presentation, you explicitly approve the possibility that only Congress participants can visualize by their personal devices a PDF copy of your slides.

Each speaker must include in his/her  email the following information:

  • Abstract’s number (# 1005 for example)
  • Poster’s title,
  • Full names of authors and co-authors, affiliations

Contact – Any question

You are welcome to contact the Conference Organizing Committee at :  if you have any questions about the guidelines for eposter or oral communications.


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