International Association of Hydrogeologists - Groundwater and society : 60 years of IAH

25-29th September, 2016

le Corum , Montpellier, France


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IAH ECHN Coolest Paper of 2015 Award celebration

The ECHN organized the ‘Coolest Paper of the Year’ Award with the objective to energize the early career hydrogeology community and encourage the discussion of new and exciting papers amongst the next generation of groundwater professionals.

The definition of ‘cool’ has been deliberately left open to interpretation to inspire a wide range of nominations and voting. The award gives ECHs the opportunity to propose and vote on what they think it is the best paper of the past year (2015).

In the previous phase, ECHs nominated a paper on hydrogeology published during 2015 and described why they considered it to be the 'coolest'. Now we ask all early career hydrogeologists to go through the nominations and vote on which of the nominations they consider the 'coolest'.

The prize will be awarded at the 2016 IAH Congress in Montpelier, France, on Tuesday 28th. The winning author will receive a year’s free membership of IAH and an IAH book prize of his or her choice, and will be invited to deliver an oral presentation during the congress.

ECHN Best Poster and Presentation Awards

All early career hydrogeologists (i.e. students, PhD candidates and those within 10 years of professional activity after the completion of the degree in hydrogeology) are invited to run for the best ECHN Best Poster and Presentation Awards!

To enter the competition ECHs have to include the ECHN logo in their posters or power point presentations. A commission will evaluate the scientific content, presentation skills and graphical setting, and will award the best poster and presentation during the closing ceremony of the congress.

Student Competition on Regional Groundwater Flow” in celebration of IAH’s 60th anniversary

‘Student Competition on Regional Groundwater Flow’ is initiated by the Regional Groundwater Flow Commission (RGFC) in celebration of IAH’s 60th anniversary. The Competition is sponsored by IAH Executive, Main Organizers of the Congress in collaboration with the Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network (ECHN).

Teams (1 from a university with 2 members) of students (undergraduate and/or graduate) learning hydrogeology or a related discipline entered the two-round Competition by submitting their application form before March 31st, 2016.

The first round will be a test of the knowledge of regional groundwater conducted as an online quiz based on theoretical chapters (1–4) of Tóth J. 2009: Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow: Theory, Evaluation, Utilization. The groups have been informed about the time and circumstances of the test after application in May 2016.

The best 10–12 groups will receive a topic by draw about the practical aspects of regional groundwater flow with some suggested papers and book chapters (additional papers are also welcome). This topic will have to be worked out as a 10 minutes presentation (plus 5 minutes discussion). During the Congress, teams are invited to present their work and answer the questions in a special session dedicated to student presentations organized by the RGFC-IAH at the anniversary congress. An invited jury and the audience will vote for the first three prizes.

The prizes to be awarded are:

  • One-year memberships for 2017 provided by IAH
  • Additional prizes granted by IAH–RGFC
  • The book of Tóth J. 2009: Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow: Theory, Evaluation, Utilization
  • Announcement of the best teams on the IAH-RGFC during the specific session on Tuesday 28th evening and ECHN websites and LinkedIn

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