International Association of Hydrogeologists - Groundwater and society : 60 years of IAH

25-29th September, 2016

le Corum , Montpellier, France


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During the Congress, we intend to enhance poster presentations through electronic poster sessionsEPOSTER, which will be hosted in the principal exhibition room with 15 large interactive screens (width 132 cm/ 75 cm height). The dedicated e-poster sessions will be hosted by big screens, where each author will have a dedicated time slot for explaining his/her work during coffee break and lunch. The poster session will be introduced with flash posters presentations. Out of the slotted poster sessions, the big screens will be available for single consultations or B to B exchanges; at the same time, on the websiteall participants will have the opportunity of viewing specific poster contents during the congress.

  • Eposter
  • Eposter
  • Eposter
  • Eposter

Authors will have enough time for personally presenting their contribution to the audience, during the dedicated e-poster session. But you will also opportunities to organize BtoB meetings. We try to organize appointments with authors by mail within the internet local network.

E POSTERS Instructions

General design

  • Your ePoster has to be a single slide Powerpoint file
  • The ePoster dimensions have to be 132cm in width and 75cm in height   
  • The ePoster has to be displayed in a “landscape” format
  • The size of your ePoster PPT file shall not exceed 10MB
  • Use a minimum 30pt font size to ensure that your text remains legible on the screen (60pt for title)
  • It’s necessary to save your poster with the extension format "pptx" or "ppt"
  • You must use "classics" fonts (Arial, Verdana, Times ...) with dark color on a light background
  • To ensure the best poster’s classification in the database, we ask you to save your ePoster by giving as name the abstract number corresponding (eg 154.pptx)

For images & objects, you must avoid:

  • Images too large (> 1 Mb)
  • Using animated .gif files.
  • WMF format images and WordArt objects.
  • Fade effects on objects, graphics and tables.
  • Using Flash.

Each speaker must include in his email the following information:

  • Abstract’s number (# 1005 for example)
  • Poster’s title,
  • Full names of authors and co-authors, affiliations

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