International Association of Hydrogeologists - Groundwater and society : 60 years of IAH

25-29th September, 2016

le Corum , Montpellier, France


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Solidarity fund


Solidarity fund: award of grants

Solidarity Fund requests will be closed on June 30th

The 60IAH2016 Organizing Committee has already expressed its willingness to include an element of delegate support in the congress budget. The First and Second circulars refer to: “The Organizing Committee intends to offer grants, subsidized by sponsors, to selected participants from developing countries“.  These will be covered by funds raised for this purpose from sponsors to enable partial financial support for some participants at the 2016 Congress.

More specifically, the goal is to have sufficient funds to cover part of the cost of attendance at the Congress for a limited number of participants selected from among those who apply. The total amount of funds available for grants will depend on the amount of the sponsorship explicitly received for this activity.

How to apply

You asked for sponsorship and solidarity fund for participating in the IAH congress in September 2016. First of all the solidarity fund will allow granting only a few number of participants. So we will have to select the candidates who meet at best the criteria. The first one is to submit an abstract, which will be examined, and possibly selected by the Scientific Committee. You have to submit it through the website, without paying the fees for the moment.

The second condition is to send us your CV and motivations and a financial proposal explaining what you can pay and what you need from the solidarity fund.

Then we will submit your request to the IAH chapter President of your country and/or to the IAH regional Vice-President.

You will be informed about our decision when the abstract review will be done, i.e. not before May 2016.

Anyone wishing to apply should:

  1. be a member of IAH,
  2. be pre-registered for 60IAH2016
  3. have at least one paper/e-poster abstract accepted for 60IAH2016,
  4. not have already received similar contributions for IAH congresses in recent years.

Assessment methods: allocation of grants

Applications will be evaluated, and grants allocated, by the Organizing Committee, in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. origin (low-income, medium-income country, with reference to IAH classification)
  2. quality of the paper/s and/or poster/s submitted

Mode of payment

By refund, (not payment in advance), within 3 days prior to the closing of the Congress, by international bank transfer to the account given on the application form.

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