How to Eat With Chopsticks Without Losing an Eye

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I promise you that you too can eat using chopsticks, no matter how hopelessly un-Asian you think you are, no matter how klutzy you are. You probably won’t lose an eye or any extremities during the course of this procedure, but if you want to be safe, you might want to go put on that pair of safety goggles in the garage.

Step 1: Take your first chopstick and hold it like you were going to write your name with it. The chopstick should wind up in your thumb and there should be approximately an inch of chopstick out in front of your fingers. The part that would be the writing end.

Step 2: Introduce your other hand and push the chopstick out another inch, so there are two inches that would be the writing end. Next, really get the chopstick nestled in your thumb. Brace the chopstick with your middle finger and maintain a firm grip. Really push against it. Think of this chopstick as being completely stuck like this forever and ever. Okay, let’s not think of the difficultly that you’ll have to go to the bathroom, we’re all trying to eat here. It’s hypothetical anyways! You should be able to move the top of your thumb and your entire index finger freely.

Step 3: This probably feels weird, so take a moment. Scratch that itch on your nose. Can you do it with your chopstick hand? No, not using the chopstick, use your finger. You should be able to wiggle your thumb and index finger while holding onto your very firmly stuck chopstick.

Now you can practice this method with some piece of food. Usually, we recommend that you practice the eating part of the chopsticks first. Just hold the piece of food in your left hand and use the chopsticks in your right hand. You will be able to practice which pieces of food require which chopsticks in your right hand.

If you want to be able to eat noodles, then you should practice with some pieces of tofu. This is because tofu is very easy to chew and contains many carbs. In addition, many people claim that it makes one feel full, so you will have the energy you need to enjoy the meal. You might find it helpful to practice with some smoked salmon, too, if you’re making the meal for someone who has a steady appetite.

Smoked salmon is delicious, but it can be very expensive, especially if you buy it at the supermarket. An inexpensive way to make the meal tasty is to cut the fish into thin strips and boil it in water. After you’ve done this, you can add pieces of any kind of meat to the soup, including tuna, mother fish, or chicken.

If you want to make the meal a little more interesting, you can do so with seasoning packets. The packets usually come in smaller portions, which makes it easy to add to a meal. For example, you can add a little bit of garlic powder, Paprika, and Cumin to your dried beans recipe.

This makes a little bit of everything in one pot, which keeps the family happy and safe from spicy meals. This pretty much eliminates the need for seasoning food you would normally have cooked at home.

read ingredient labels and watch the cooking channels to see what seasonings are already in the foods you buy. That way you’ll be able to avoid using that guacamole. Or another salsa you made. Even a dry ranch dip for your chicken.

For example, the store has cow heart soup, dumplings, stir-fries, and chili noodles. Why not make a stir fry to go with it?

It’s easy to add a little protein to your meals using flavored chicken broth. Here’s another way to do it. Sauté 1 clove of garlic in olive oil. Add the other ingredients and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll end up with a nice, healthy, and tasty chicken broth dip.

This makes 2 cups of chicken broth-dip. If you make 4 cups, it’s perfect for the estimated 4 to 6 people in your household.

Now you can have your family enjoy chicken broth-dips safely, every day. But first, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps to make the dip extra tasty.

Make sure your stove is preheated to medium-high heat. Get your blender out and blend the 2 cups of broth in it. Add the seasonings you want to taste. That’s it!

Most people like to add a little bit of salt to their broth, to round out the taste. Be careful though, because adding too much salt can burn your taste buds. balance it out with the sweetness and sourness you added earlier in the process.

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